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Norweigan stencil artist Anders Gjennestad (aka Strøk) was invited to Memorie Urbane street art festival in Italy. Strøk painted a massive trompe l’oeil mural on the side of an old school. Strøk’s piece was just one of numerous pieces created for the festival including many notorious street artists such as Pixel Pancho, Seth, Pablo Herrero, Natalia Rak, Levalet, Ernest Zacherevic, and Etam Cru to name a few. Photography by Anne Esser.

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Alexa Meade is known for manipulating the viewer with her work. Meade often paints directly on the subject and photographs them in various environments which adds a different context to the image. In this project, Meade paints on models in a fashion which presents them as stencils and she juxtaposes it with graffiti backdrops which give the illusion that the entire image in now two-dimensional.

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