SatOne – “In Memoriam” @ 886 Gallery

Currently on display at the 886 Gallery Gallery in San Franisco, is a solo exhibition entitled “In Memoriam” by SatOne. The show is open to the public until October 3rd.

“In Memoriam“ is based on the notion that only essential things in life last, and came to the artist whilst he was recently renovating his apartment. During the process of separating out belongings, the artist felt himself confronted with existential doubts about the nature of objects and possessions, rediscovering the value of photography as a way of documenting and underlining personal memories. This experience was interesting for SatOne because it gave him the possibility to find out how far he could reduce himself in terms of material belongings, freeing himself from anything that didn’t have a practical purpose, and providing him with a subject to explore in his work.

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