Kind Magz – Update Your City [Recap]

Our friends over at KIND MAGZ recently completed their incredible “Update Your City” street art festival and workshop event, which featured a variety of events including graffiti classes for children, exhibitions and live painting. More info and images after the jump!

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Kindmagz – Update Your City [Bali]

Our good friends over at Kindmagz present the “UPDATE YOUR CITY” festival. An Indonesian Graffiti and street art festival based in Bali starting this month. The festivals includes live painting, music and various workshops as well as a sketch battle. More information about the event scheduling and festival after the jump!


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Devin Sutanujaya – Various Paintings

Devin Sutanujaya spent his childhood years in Indonesia then moved to Toronto, Canada in 2001 to study and work in the field of graphic design and fine art. He is fascinated with creating visuals that explore the human condition, the wonder and mystery of life, the mind’s dreamscape, and beauty. They are created with acrylics and watercolour. Devin currently lives and works from his home in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 10.53.44 AM

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Kind Magz – Clash of Characters

KIND MAGZ is an online local media based in Indonesia. Review about Graffiti, Street art and Urban Sub-Culture around South East Asia especially in Indonesia. KIND MAGZ will release its latest issue on October 7, 2015. Titled “Clash Of Characters”, took the theme about one of Graffiti style. At this issue featuring profiles Graffiti artist who has a background style “Graffiti Characters”. Additionally, it will be announced the winner of the competition “Destroy That Logos” which was held a while ago.


So, what are you waiting for? Download and enjoy Clash Of Characters for FREE here :!