Bloop Festival (Ibiza) – Image Recap

BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival is legion. One more time, this free celebration dedicated to people and arts spread across the party island, Ibiza. The 2016 edition showcased more than 20 murals (of which 6 were new) called the OpenAir.Gallery, 7 interdisciplinary expositions, workshops for children, almost daily sunset music sessions, guerilla video mappings, an open air poster exposition, installation bombings, sculptures, an outdoor food court, and more. All activities were curated by one single denominator “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY”. More images and information after the jump!


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INO – Snowblind

Mural artist INO recently painted this large mural entitled “Snowblind” in his hometown of Athens. The Greek artist was commissioned by the Public Information Campaign to raise awareness for Hepatitis C. The massive piece featured a large faceless figure in his signature black & white style. More images and a process video after the jump!


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Ino – Heaven and Hell on Earth

Street artist Ino was recently in Brazil for the Concreto Festival where he painted another massive new piece. The greek artist chipped away at the wall entitled “Heaven and Hell on Earth” and is done is his signature monochromatic and graphical rendered style.


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iNo – Luminous

Glow is the keyword for the mysterious phenomenon called fluorescence, the emission of light by a substance that has absorbed it. Although human cannot see that ultraviolet light, a certain type of spray paint absorbs it and illuminates the space. In this video you can see iNO creating an experimental aerosol painting in the dark using these spray cans for the first time.

Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 2.45.00 PM


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Turbo Fatcap – Dream on Him

Graffiti artist INO from Athens (Greece) has just completed his latest artwork “Dream On Him”. Greek graffiti artists are trying a new painting technique which works almost exclusively with Fatcaps. This method is definitely fast and effective. The process video was shot and edited by Simon Silaidis after the jump!

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