Dour One – New Mural in Barcelona

Street artist Dour One was recently invited out to Spain where he painted a brilliant new piece in the city of Barcelona.

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Nico Craig – New Interior Stamp Mural

Our friend Nico Craig recently completed a killer new interior mural using only a stamp. That’s right, a stamp! The Montreal based artist used a stamp that says “Land of Confusion” over and over in a stippling technique to give the illusion of two portraits on the surface. Take a peep a the science after the jump!

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Guido Van Helten – New Mural @ Solar de Samaniego

In June 2016, Guido van Helten travelled to Laguardia (Spain) and starts his beautiful project at Solar de Samaniego‘s winery. Guido Van Helten’s artistic intervention in Laguardia is his first work in Spain. It is the result of his interpretation of our project Beber Entre Líneas (Drink Between the Lines), the fusion between literature and the culture of wine.

The project is inspired by the vineyard La Escobosa, that back in the 18th century belonged to the renowned Spanish writer Félix María de Samaniego. Video directed, shot and edited by Edgar Lledó along with other flicks after the jump!


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Nico Craig – New Mural in Montreal

Our friend Nico Craig recently completed a new mural in Montreal to wrap up his prolific 2016 year. The intricate interior piece features a number of topical elements which reflect the way he saw the year unfold and how he feels about the future.


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Maya Hayuk – Mural for MIMA Museum

The one and only Maya Hayuk recently made her way out to Belgium where she painted a beautiful new interior mural for the MIMA Museum. Featuring her classic layered and drippy line work, the American artist added some spectacular colour the the Brussels space.

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Buff Monster – “Can’t Stop the Melt” @ Galo Art Gallery

This past Saturday, May 7th 2016, Galo Art Gallery will inaugurate with the New York City based artist Buff Monster! The major influences in his work are often citing heavy metal music, ice cream, Pop art, Japanese Culture and graffiti.

Let’s not forget to mention that the color pink is present in every thing Buff Monster creates leaving a trail of positive energy in his work and every thing around him. We look forward to giving Buff Monster a warm and awesome welcome in the city of Turin with the opening of Can’t Stop the Melt Saturday the 7th of May 2016!


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Erika Lizée – And Yet, Things Continue to Unfold

Erika Lizée is a Los Angeles based artist who recently completed an interior mural installation project entitled “…and yet, things continue to unfold”. Take a look a some more images and artist statement after they jump.

01. Lizée, corner image

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