Jen Stark – Mural @ Miami International Airport

The incredible paper artist Jen Stark has recently completed a dynamic and colourful new mural at the Miami International Airport. The permanent installation is located between Terminal D and E, on the third floor, near the moving walkways. Here are a number of progress shots from Jen Stark, many of which were taken by photographer Peter Vahan. The mural is now complete and with the help from some great friends.

Screen shot 2015-01-08 at 10.34.19 AM

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Pow Wow Hawaii – Kickstarter Campaign

As you can tell, we here at BBB love Pow Wow Hawaii and what it’s doing for the street/graffiti art scene not only in Hawaii, but around the world. The vision they have is simple and not unlike the one we have here. Try and make our passion accessible to as many people as possible. Pow Wow Hawaii is asking for your time and consideration to donate to their Kickstarter Campaign. It’s not only a gracious thing to donate but it will be valuable to all art lovers in so many ways. Watch the video about their campaign HERE and after the jump we’ll post a number of videos from previous documentations of Pow Wow.

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BATES – Mr. International

“Compiled of footage taken from 2007– 2012, Mr. International shows Bates’ work both on the streets and in the gallery. Among the cities smashed here are San Francisco, Las Vegas, Montreal, Paris, Bali, Prague, Warsaw, and Copenhagen. Other writers include Rime, Ewok, Sever, Steel, Mr. Cartoon, Wen, Smash137, and many more.” – 12 Oz Prophet