Roadsworth – Humorous Street Interventions

Roadsworth is a Montreal based street artist who creates brilliant street art intervention work. Using the cityscape as his terrain and a strong sense of strategy, Roadsworth arms himself with a stencil to humorously transform the way we look at our everyday road usage.


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Biancoshock – Web 0.0

Italian street intervention artist Biancoshock recently completed a new project in Southern Italy entitled “Web 0.0” The project which was cerated for CVTA’ Festival in the city of Civitacampomarano, which is a tiny village with merely 400 habitants, most of which are elderly.

The purpose of the project is to bring the internet to a non web based community as most of the town does have have internet capabilities. Biancoshock implemented a ton of branding on existing older technologies to create an environment of a real life internet so to speak.

Take a look at the photos and video after the jump and you’ll understand more what the project is about.


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Isaac Cordal – New Street Art Interventions NYC

Street artist Isaac Cordal recently made a trip out to New York City where he hit the streets with his infamous miniature sculptures. The Spanish native used the current socio-political landscape to reflect his subject matter.

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Isaac Cordal – Street Art Intervention in Montreal

Sculptor Isaac Cordal recently flew out to Canada where he is set to unveil his show “Urban Inertia” at the C.O.A. Gallery in Montreal. Outside his fine art displays in the white cube, the Spanish artist created a number of his signature miniature scenes plays around the streets featuring his suited up characters doing humorous things.

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Simone Decker – Chewing Gum In Venice

Simone Decker is a conceptual artist born in 1968 in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg and now currently living and working in Frankfurt/Main. Among many other fantastic projects, Decker created these amazing and large-scale pieces of chewing gum in Venice.

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Lademenrouge – Street Interventionist

Lademenrouge is a street artist who loves to use public property and space as his canvas. The artist added paint, wheat-pastes and sculptures to the street which conveys a tremendous amount of power and humour in the piece.

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Pixel Pour

We found these images on Tumblr and tried to follow the grape vine of the internet and still can’t figure out who the artist is. All we know, is the images were snapped on Mercer Street in New York City and the artwork is cool as hell. If anyone knows, please let us know for us to credit the artist.

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