INTI – New Mural in Arica

Mural artist INTI recently unveiled a new mural which he completed in Arica entitled “Pachakuti”. The Chilean mural artist worked away at this massive new piece in his native country, which features one of his signature characters in his classic colour palette holding corn in one hand and a heart in the other. Mural concepturalized by Esteban Moraga, organized by Arica Activa Foundation and made possible with the support and help of many others.


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Inti CL – New Mural in Tai Ping, China

Chilean muralist INTI CL just wrapped up his new mural entitled “RANDOM” for the project Back to School China in Tai Ping, Jishou, Hunan Province, CHINA. Here’s what the artist says about the work:

“Since the first astronomy records 4000 years ago in China, until today with modern mathematics, we are observing the universe attempting to decipher the cosmic “order” that rules us, convinced of the existence of a deterministic universe where certain laws or gods make things happen in a predictable and predetermined way. While the laws of physics work in our daily life, the more we learn about the universe, the more obvious it is that there is little we know about the fundamental pillars of our reality and that there will always be a limit to our knowledge. This leaves us in a universe governed by randomness and entropy, where mathematics is only a limited set of tools to help us understand an unlimited universe.”


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Inti – La Madre Secular 3

Mural artist INTI recently wrapped up with third instalment of his trilogy “La Madre Secular”. We posted up the first two over the past few weeks or so, now peep the number three which was completed in Lisbon.

00_La Madre Secular 3_Lisboa_2016_WEB

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Inti – Le Madre Secular 2

Chilean muralist INTI recently sent over some photos of a new completed mural in Paris for the Galerie Itinerrance and Project StreetArt13. Here’s what the artist had to say about the piece:

“La Madre Secular II its a lay representation of the Madonna, where the sacred remains outside the religious context, and stands as something possible without breaking the laws of nature.
Through the iconic composition, with symbols linked to nature and science, this Madonna replaces the apple from the biblical tale for Newton’s apple, as an allegory to the era of knowledge and skepticism.
La Madre Secular II Paris, France.”


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