ABOVE – Timing Is Everything

It took nearly 7 or so months of searching the streets at night for Above’s new installation. This break dancer stencil truly comes to life at night. The title for the video is extremely appropriate because as we know with street art, timing is everything!

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Ben Frost – Pop Art On McDonalds Fries Holders

One of our favourite artists, Ben Frost, uses everything he can get his hands on to create fantastic works of art. Here, he uses recycled McDonald’s french fry containers for pop culture icon paintings.

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ARYZ @ FIFTY24SF – “Style Is The Limit” [Teaser]

Juxtapoz stopped by FIFTY24SF Gallery in San Francisco a couple of days ago to say “hello” to their January cover artist ARYZ and snap a couple of teaser shots for the fans as he prepares for his new solo show, “Style Is The Limit”, opening this Friday, April 19th.

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This is Andrew

Andrew Reynold’s has been one of our favourite skaters for so many damn years. Video’s like these are always amazing to see when someone you idolize discusses their lives and how interesting they can be. Definitely take some time to check out “This Is Andrew” presented by Nixon and Desillusion Magazine.