Merve Morkoç – Various illustrations

Merve Morkoç is an Istanbul based artist who studied at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and creates in a variety of mediums from murals to digital art. Morkoç recently sent us a selection of new illustrative work that focus on surreal portraiture.


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Pejac – Trompe-l’œil Street Art in Istanbul

Spanish street artist Pejac recently hit up Istanbul where he painted a few new trompe-l’œil pieces in the district of Uskudar. The names of the pieces are titled Lock, Poster and Shutters. Pejac uses brushes and acrylic paints to trick the viewers eye into thinking the work enters a different dimension.

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Urbanbugs – A Street Art Documentary

Urbanbugs is a documentary from Turkey focuses on street art concepts such as Graffiti, Stencil, Wheatpasting. Besides their visual contribution to the urban life, these street arts became a sociological matter due to the their political messages. In this context, this documentary is trying to analyse the sociocultural reflections of street art concept in Turkey. Check the science after the click.

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