Rub Kandy x Andrea Nolè – Aliens Welcome

Rub Kandy and Andrea Nole recently worked on a new wall in Potenza, Italy entitled “Waiting For Aliens”. where they painted a trackside graffiti-esque piece stating “Aliens Welcome” with a UFO having in between the letters.

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Opiemme – New Interactive Mural in Rome

Our friend Opiemme recently painted a new collective mural painted with the partecipation of 1000 children from 3 to 13 years old of the school “I.C. Via Giuseppe Messina” in Rome, Italy. The children chose negative words to be deleted by throwing eggs filled with colors in a collective performance that were accompanied by some positive words that the children suggested. The mural also represents constellation of Pisces – a symbol of renaissance.

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Opiemme – New Mural in Italy

Street artist Opiemme presents a new mural entitled “Fenigruottero Cirogna” painted with spray, stencil and tempera on wall and created courtesy Comune di Roccavignale, Sv (Italy). Roccavignale is a small village in the mountain between Piedmonte and Liguria, it has 750 Inabithans and hosts around 20 migrants.

The work is a calligram, a letterforms, of a bird looking at stars and moon. A migratory bird, its outlines are obtained by a mix of a: flamingo, stork, crane, heron, cormorant. This is why of the name, a mix of the italian names. It’s has 3 legs, it’s standing and it’s moving.

Words inside its body say:
“I am migrant, I don’t have nation, I don’t feel borders. I follow the moon, I live between sky and lands, between trees and stars” – the words are the artist’s.

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Vesod – Various Paintings

Vesod was born in Turin in 1981 and he lives and works in a Venaria Reale. His artistic attitude has been fostered by his father Dovilio Brero, surrealistic painter, whose influence has an impact on Vesod since his youth: he has been therefore developing an interest in the graffiti world since the beginning of the 90s.


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MOMO – “Darmon 2” @ Studio Cromie

MOMO (also known as Momoshowpalace) recently unveiled a new solo exhibition at the Studio Cromie gallery in Italy. The show opened Saturday the 22nd of october at 19:00, with djset by JAY TOOL and features new paintings, prints and pieces on paper.


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Millo – In Bloom

Mural artist Millo recently crushed a new in the city of Milan entitled “In Bloom”. The Italian painter went sky high spanning a number of stories tall and features his signature black and white characters with hints of colour made possible by lotus flowers. This mural can be found in the district of Bruzzano.

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Tellas – Mural for Impronte 2016

On 16th of May we have officially started the first intervention for Impronte 2016, an event dedicated to the rediscovery of the craftsman and designer Salvatore Ferragamo through the public art. It was Tellas the protagonist of the first intervention, an artist from Sardinia known for his artistic research involved with nature and the interaction with the territory.


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