Quiet British Accent – Does Football Have A Place In Art?

When husband and wife art/design duo Jason and Sharon Gale (Quite British Accent) began working together, someone told them that sport had no place in art. Rather than take heed, the couple produce all their work using the visual vocabulary of sporting culture. Their latest collection, exhibited recently at Core at Nolias Gallery, includes a series of textile slogans appliquéd onto vintage football shirts. The work satirises the sport-in-art argument and likens popular culture heroes to sporting heroes.



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Jason Shron – The Guy with the Train in His Basement

I literally don’t know how to describe this other than the title. Jason Shron is clearly a very talented and passionate individual. He made a full size functioning Via Rail train in his basement. If you’ve ever been on one this video will leave you in awe.

Jason Freeny – CAPSLs

We just got a heads up that kick-ass artist and designer Jason Freeny and saying he just came out with new limited edition key-chain toys entitled “CAPSLs”. These gizmos allow you do store a little treat inside and they’re also super-funky to sport around. They’re a edition of only 300 so get them while you can at JailBreak Toys.

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Jason Freeny – Anatomical Characters

These sculptures by Jason Freeny blow our minds. There’s something so awesome when you see everyday icons altered in such a clever and witty way. Not only does it make you giggle, but it actually makes you think a little. Are they really like that?

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Jason Bard Yarmosky – Elder Kinder

A certain loneliness, depression and a sense of lost seems to present itself when paintings like Jason Bard Yarmosky‘s (for his upcoming show entitled “Elder Kinder”) come along. However, there is also an element of humour which allows light and beauty to slip through.

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