King Bee x SEN2 – Colors and Styles

New exhibition by King Bee and Sen2 at NYGallery69. Flyer below.

Thrasher King of the Road – Webisode #1

Thrasher’s, “King of the Road” is one of those absolutely insane compeitions. A skater’s got to be nut on the board and in the streets. In this Webisode #1, Anti-Hero shows us how to let loose in Portland.

BATES – Mr. International

“Compiled of footage taken from 2007– 2012, Mr. International shows Bates’ work both on the streets and in the gallery. Among the cities smashed here are San Francisco, Las Vegas, Montreal, Paris, Bali, Prague, Warsaw, and Copenhagen. Other writers include Rime, Ewok, Sever, Steel, Mr. Cartoon, Wen, Smash137, and many more.” – 12 Oz Prophet