Nobu Tary – Lego Masterpieces

Japanese LEGO master Nobu Tary creates incredible sculpture work using only our favourite childhood toy and some imagination. From Homer Simpson to slices of pizza, Tary creates amazing pieces that’ll make your head spin.


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Samsofy – Legographie

Lyon based photographer Samsofy creates an unbelievable imaginary world of comprised LEGO characters. The scenes depicted interweave the plastic pieces alongside life-sized objects to convey an incredibly humorous and innovative masterpiece.

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Akihiro Mizuuchi – Chocolate LEGO

Illustrator and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi now brings LEGO to our mouths the edible way. Instead of trying to gnaw on plastic pieces like we did as children, Mizuuchi has created chocolate bricks of LEGO that can be used to build as well as taste delicious.

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Chris McVeigh – Minimalist Lego Sculptures

Designer Chris McVeigh creates brilliant minimalist sculptures of various technology systems such as video game consoles, cameras and television sets. Most of which are retro and outdated yet still incredibly beautiful.

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