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“My artwork examines community and land-use in rural, suburban and urban sites. I created this series of installations by researching local agricultural, industrial, and recreational land-use. Curiosity about ecological and social history of specific places drives my work. By revealing the beauty and potential of an ordinary landscape an everyday scene is transformed into a memorable, visual experience. Each photograph image is a dialogue – the result of my direct encounter with nature and history. Inspired by land art, landscape photography and painting, as well as cinema, my images are both surreal and familiar.” – Barry Underwood

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Glow is the keyword for the mysterious phenomenon called fluorescence, the emission of light by a substance that has absorbed it. Although human cannot see that ultraviolet light, a certain type of spray paint absorbs it and illuminates the space. In this video you can see iNO creating an experimental aerosol painting in the dark using these spray cans for the first time.

Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 2.45.00 PM


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Montreal-based street and fine artists Astro and Jean-François Poliquin teamed up with the creative studio Turn Me On Design to light up Avenue Mont-Royal in Montreal with their luminous street installations. The lights were created for a project entitled “IDEA-O-RAMA” which won the Development Corporation of Mount Royal Avenue Competition a couple years ago.

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