Alejandro Carpintero – Various Paintings

Alejandro Carpintero is a Spanish artist who creates incredible texturized painting works. The Madrid based painter not only uses an immense amount of paint to create thick painterly brush strokes, but also uses a hyperrealistic method to beautiful juxtapose the two techniques.

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Franco Fasoli – The Rapture

Muralist Franco Fasoli recently made his way out to Madrid where he got busy on a new piece entitled “The Rapture.” The street artist created a double monochromatic piece that spans across two buildings and features a couple of minotaurs fighting horses.

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Nemo – “Who Is Inside Nemo’s”

Street artist Nemo was recently in Madrid for the opening of his solo exhibition at Espositivo Gallery. On top of the show, the Italian street artist had the opportunity to get busy in the city centre, which took a few days. The piece entitled “Who Is Inside Nemo’s” and is showing Nemo’s iconic character trying to figure out who (or what) is inside his brain.

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Escif – New Mural in Madrid

The illustrative street artist Escif recently painted this new interesting mural on the streets of Madrid. The Spanish artist painted a beautiful pattern of a vintage floral wall paper found in one of the apartments and he also implemented portraits of the people living in the building to show the beauty of the building not only inside but out.

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Writers Madrid – “Cities On Film” Chapter 5 [Milan]

Writers Madrid is back with the fifth instalment of their online graffiti series, “Cities on Film”. The Spanish writers take us to Milan, Italy for pizza, pasta, and destruction. Chapter 5 of the graffiti diary includes a whole lot of subway system action such as back jumps, tunnels, and metro runners.