Madsteez – New Mural in Toowoomba

One of our absolute favourites Mark Paul Deren (better known as Madsteez) recently got busy on a wall in Toowoomba, Australia. As always he used his funky fresh colour style and incorporated some fun characters such as a crocodile and a hilarious portrait of the Croc Hunter.

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Jamie Heinrich – YEUX

Jamie Heinrich has recently come out with a short film entitled “YEUX.” The artistic piece features multidisciplinary artist and previous BBB interviewee Madsteez searching to find what happened to his creative abilities after all the problems with his vision. See the stills and video after the click.

Screen shot 2015-04-08 at 11.46.19 AM

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Madsteez – Mural @ Mondrian Hotels [LA]

Our man Madsteez recently wrapped up a fresh mural in Los Angeles for the Mondrian Hotels. The piece uses his consistently edgy and vibrant aesthetic and is undoubtedly a delight for any patron of the hotel.

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Madsteez – Untouchable

Our man and previous BBB interviewee MADSTEEZ, recently got crazy busy in the city of Dallas where he was invited by Nike to work on a massive new mural for the College Football Championships. This piece entitled “Untouchable” uses all of his signature aesthetics layered on top another for a seemingly collage styled wall.

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Bizarre Beyond Belief 2015 Calendar Now Available!

Holiday shopping is here because Christmas is jsut around the corner & to fill those stockings we created a limited edition 2015 calendar featuring an incredible artist feature for each month of the year. Monthly artist features include Ben Frost, Aper VC, Madsteez, Saber MSK AWR, Alexis Diaz, Dave Bonzai, Jarus, Ewok MSK HM, Mr Wany, Bates, Rubin415 and Li-Hill. Get ’em while they’re still available supplies won’t last long! Available HERE.

Front Cover

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Bizarre Beyond Belief – Issue #15

It is with great pleasure to present to you one of the most impressive instalments of our publication featuring an unbelievably stacked line up such as Kevin Cyr, James “DALEK” Marshall, Sam Rodriguez, JARUS, Dave BONZAI, EWOK [MSK/HM], MADSTEEZ & Alexis Diaz. Click the image or right HERE.


MADSTEEZ – a short film narrative

Jamie Heinrich and Zac Hug are looking to make a short film staring Mark Paul Deren (aka Madsteez). He is blind in one eye. The premise? When his eye doctor experimentally restores vision to his blind left eye, an artist is only able to create incomplete paintings. What follows is a story about a man who sees colors, shapes, and people differently than he did before. Before, during, and after the time we make the short, Madsteez will be painting a mural that plays a central role in the story. The size of the mural will be up to you. When you pledge you will be building 1 20×20″ portion of the mural, which you own. It will be a minimum of 250 20×20″ sections up to a maximum of 1000 20×20″ sections. That’s roughly 167 x 167 feet! We’ll display it at the premiere and then: Madsteez will take it apart, number each one, sign them, and ship you one of them on mounted canvas. Read more/support HERE & more images after the click.

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