Jarus – New Mural in Penang, Malaysia

Our friend Jarus has been recently trotting the globe painting stunning gigantic murals. One of his recent completions comes from Malaysia, where the Canadian artist painted a large scale young woman on her phone. The piece features his brilliant rendering technique with extra expressionist flare.


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Sabek – The Bond

Mural artist Sabek recently finished brilliant new piece in Malaysia entitled “The Bond”. The new figure based piece on streets of Muar features a woman sitting on a black tiger and reflects the idea that the human race relies on nature and vice versa.

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Jun Hao Ong – LED Light Installation for Urban Xchange 2015

Malaysian artist Jun Hao Ong created a gigantic LED star installation that appears as if it is shooting through the floors and ceilings of a four story building. The piece was constructed as part of the 2015 Urban Xchange public art festival and is comprised of steel cables which suspend over 500 feet of LED lights.

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Sabek – New Murals in Penang

As previously posted, a number of big street artist have been out and about in Malaysia for the Urban Xchange festival and today’s update is with Sabek. Using his signature graphic style, Sabek crushes a couple of new beautiful murals on the streets of Penang.

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Martin Ron – New Mural in Penang, Malaysia

Realist artists Martin Ron recently completed the largest mural ever painted in Malaysia on the streets of Penang City. The Argentinean painter worked away at the Hin Bus Depot Art Centre, creating another impressive hyper-realistic mural.

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Beth Zener – Malaysian Street Art

Our good friend Beth Zener has recently been jet setting all over the world. She gave us a recent update in her travels with some incredible street art from Georgetown, Malaysia. Some of the most impressive and innovative street art in the world it seem. A shame it doesn’t get as much play.



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