Matt Simmonds – Marble Carvings

Matthew Simmonds graduated from university with a degree in history of art in 1984, specialising in the art and architecture of the medieval period. In 1991 he trained as an architectural stone carver, and in this capacity he participated in the restoration of several important historic monuments in England, most particularly Westminster Abbey and Ely Cathedral. In 1996 he transferred to Italy, where he specialised in the carving of fine classical sculpture in marble.

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Matthew Picton – Paper Sculpture Maps

Matthew Picton creates these beautiful paper sculptures that resemble 3D maps of various cities in the world. 1. Lower Manhattan Smoke, 2. Venice, 3. London 1966, 4. Dublin 1904.

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Matthew Hoffman – You Are Beautiful

There’s always something extremely uplifting when you see a motivating slogan. However, when you see it on the street at an unpredictable time, there’s nothing better than that. Matt Hoffman does just that with his work, especially his “You Are Beautiful” street installation/murals.

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AvenueA Soundcheck – An Art Exhibit @ The Aksel Loft

New York- JANUARY 25, 2013. Just announced! In addition to the live musical talent of Nima Yamini, Kid Mess, ILLE and Imanos on Saturday January 26, 2013, will be an Art Exhibit featuring Hanksy and Matthew Rowean from 10:00PM-12:00AM. Presented by AvenueA Soundcheck and taking place at the Aksel Loft in Tribeca New York, the evening will kick off with an Art Exhibit followed by the sounds of Trap in Tribeca.