Bizarre Beyond Belief Magazine – Issue #24

We are back with our 24th instalment of Bizarre Beyond Belief Magazine, which includes image features from Jeff Mancilla, BIP, Sasha Blot, Sabek and interviews with Ernest Doty, Dee Skulls, MEDIAH, SHOK and Mear One. Click on the image or link HERE to read for free.


HYPURITIDE is the 6th Installment of my mega-series of solo shows by Evond Blake (a.k.a MEDIAH) entitled DECIMALS REBUILT. The intention is to create visually stunning artwork that blurs the lines between new media practices, contemporary art, and the gritty, edgy aesthetic of graffiti art to create a unique experience that moves both spirit and mind

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 11.35.42 AM
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