Smug One – Otters

Muralist Smug One recently completed a brilliant new piece in Melbourne entitled “Otters.” The Aussie street artist used his incredible rendering techniques to create a hyperrealistic image that “cleaned up” a wall underneath which was disrespected and created much online controversy.


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Sofles – Wayfarer

A recent video presented by graffiti artist Sofles features the Aussie writer followed in one continuous shot as he wanders through the streets of Melbourne.

This video was made possible to an amazing group of people, who came together to help us celebrate and pay homage to the Collingwood and Fitzroy area of Melbourne. Our goal was to create one continuous drone shot, captured in one take. The amazing team from Swarm UAV pulled it off.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 8.37.02 AM

Here you have the result, along with words by the brilliant poet and author Omar Musa.
Original soundtrack by Erin McKimm.

Thanks to all the artists who came down to be a part of this video, the support team of assistants, Easey’s, Everfresh Studio and everyone else who makes Collingwood such an amazing place.

Directed by Selina Miles
Featuring Sofles
Aerial Cinematography by Swarm UAV
Music by Erin McKimm
Spoken Word by Omar Musa

Fintan Magee – New Mural in Melbourne

Muralist Fintan Magee is back with another amazing figure based mural, this time around on the streets of Melbourne. The Australia street artist worked for a number of days on a giant lift creating a giant character spanning a number of stories for the MARCS Festival.


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Juan Ford – Various Paintings

Juan Ford is a fine artist who has exhibited extensively both in solo and group shows for many years and creates incredible surreal painting. The Melbourne born artist’s incredible attention to detail and painting technique are a clear reason he’s a desirable exhibitor.

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Michael Staniak – Various Abstract Paintings

Michael Staniak is a Melbourne born fine artist who has exhibited all over the globe and creates beautiful abstract painting work. Staniak’s aesthetic is soft and delicate, yet the subtle hints of colourful gradients keep the viewer’s eye unbelievably stimulated.


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Emma Coulter – Spatial Deconstruction

Working in an expanded painting practice Emma Coulter‘s work challenges the boundaries between painting, sculpture, and architectural space. Through her process of deconstructing and reconstructing environments, employing painting as a method, the parameters of site and situation are engaged in the works outcome.


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Sarah Kelk – Various Works

Sarah Kelk is the creator and designer of the online store and design brand Hello Polly. She is also an artist. Her expressive, colourful and abstract paintings are often the starting point for other design projects. Her approach is fluid and intuitive, filling a canvas with layers of both colour and texture.

Sarah is based in Melbourne, Australia, but grew up in the South Island of New Zealand. Having spent over a decade working in the art and design industry, Sarah is finally bringing her own ideas to life on canvas.

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