Bikismo – Skull Mural @ Art Basel Miami

Street artist Bikismo has been out in Miami for this year’s Art Basel and recently crushed a new piece at Wynwood. Bikismo’s latest piece consists of an incredibly rendered skull submerged in some sort of crystallized crust.


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PangeaSeed’s Seawalls – Murals for Oceans

PangeaSeed has recently completed its latest project: “Seawalls: Murals for Oceans” in Miami, which featured murals by Aaron Glasson Brian Hebets, Meggs, Naturel, Nychos, and Hannah Stouffer. We are very proud of the project’s recent success and hope you find it suitable to share on your site, blog, or via social media. PangeaSeed’s next major mural festival, will be taking place in Cozumel, Mexico from July 17 – 26, 2015.


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Swoon – Mural Installation Miami ’14

The incredible street art installation and muralist Swoon presented a new mural for her fans that made it out to Basel Week Miami. Located in the prestigious Wynwood Walls complex, the large wall will be preserved for many future viewers and audiences to come.

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Faith47 x Alexis Diaz – Collaboration @ Art Basel 2014

Faith47 and Alexis Diaz teamed up on a collaboration mural during Art Basel last week. The stunning mural was a mix of South Africa-based Faith47’s female portraiture entwined with the darker illustrative style of the Puerto Rican Diaz. Beautiful finished and action shots after the jump.

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Rest In Peace – Demz

Delbert Rodriguez Gutierrez, better known by his graffiti name “Demz” recently lost his battle with a traumatic brain injury at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. Demz was struck by an unmarked police car after allegedly being chased for being a suspect of criminal mischief. The shocking tragedy came just hours before a city wide march against police brutality due to another young man (Israel Hernandez) being tazed after a foot race with the police in 2013. It’s terrible the graffiti community has lost another one too see and we would like to share our condolences with the friends and family of Gutierrez. More photos and videos after the jump.

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Art Basel 2014 – Recap Part Deux

Here we’ve got the second instalment of the Art Basel Miami 2014 recap photos via our man Beast over at Visual Orgasm. We’re unbelievably bummed we missed this event but you can count we’ll be there next year. In the meantime go over to VO and take a look at all the great stuff they’ve got going on!

Picture 2065

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Bikismo – Chrome Effect Mural for Art Basel 2014

Bikismo has recently been in Miami for Art Basel painting for the Raw Project at the Jose De Diego Middle School. The Puerto Rican artist spent about 4 days working on this chrome effect dog using only spray-paint cans and displaying a true mastery of the medium.

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