Millo – In Bloom

Mural artist Millo recently crushed a new in the city of Milan entitled “In Bloom”. The Italian painter went sky high spanning a number of stories tall and features his signature black and white characters with hints of colour made possible by lotus flowers. This mural can be found in the district of Bruzzano.

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Os Gemeos – New Mural in Milan, Italy

Os Gemeos is back at it again, this time around in Milan. After collaborating with their close friend JR they duo traveled to Milan to paint the inaugural mural for the “Outside the Cube” project. The Brazilian twins used the surface to their advantage by creating a mural that resembled a train car with one of their signature characters on the back of it getting up/ train suffering. The piece is actually Os Gemeos’s first major work in Italy.


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Arsek & Erase x Dolly Noire – New Mural in Milan

Graffiti duo Arsek & Erase recently teamed up with clothing company Dolly Noire to paint a new mural in Milan. Located at the Jolly Rogers wall, the artists rocked a crazy pirate themed portrait piece featuring a vibrant colour palette.


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2501 – New Mural in Milan

Street artist 2501 recently got busy in his hometown of Milan where he painted another brilliant mural featuring his black, white and gold aesthetic. Using his signature abstract shapes and accents, the Italian artist crushed a wall that’s a floating a couple of stories high in the Bovisa neighbourhood.


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Anthony Gerace – “There Must Be More to Life Than This” @ Twenty14 Contemporary

Anthony Gerace presents “There Must Be More to Life Than This” which opened last night at Twenty14 Contemporary in Milan. The show is a series comprised of 55 pieces, which was created by Gerace by cutting out tiny squares of paper and meticulously piecing them together. If you’re in Milan between now and January 21st get out to the gallery and take a look.


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James Reka – “Olympvs” @ Avantgarden Gallery

Berlin-based artist James Reka‘s most recent solo show opened last week at Avantgarden Gallery in Milan. Along with showing a fantastic new body of painting work, the Australian born multidisciplinary artist painted a mural at the entrance of the gallery for the viewers to enjoy upon walking in.

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Etienne Lavie – OMG Who Stole My Ads?

French artist Etienne Lavie brilliantly revisits art and advertising in his series “OMG Who Stole My Ads?” In this series we can imagine our current day landscape which is littered with corporate advertising, now replaced with beautiful works of classical art.

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