Leighton Kelly – “All of the Things” @ Athen B. Gallery

Athen B. Gallery is proud to present their latest exhibition of a very under the radar artist named Leighton Kelly who is based in Oakland called “All of the Things” which opened this past Saturday, July 15th. You might recognize his unique sculpture style from some of past group exhibitions at the space. More images and info after the jump!

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Quest Terrarium – Miniature Nike Sneakers

Quest Terrarium is a Moss & Miniature Artist, Designer and Gardener specializing in Moss Decor Installation. Featuring tons of amazing installations, the Hong Kong based artist focuses much of his work around miniature Nike sneakers implemented on top of naturalistic and real life landscapes.


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Slinkachu – Miniature Street Interventions Hawaii

Sculpture artist Slinkachu is out in Hawaii for POW! WOW! HAWAII where he’s been busy at work creating a number of his famous miniature street interventions. In his most recent piece, the street artist created a brilliant hammock for a lady to relax in on the beach in Honolulu. Follow him and all of his amazing work on Instagram as he documents the festival.


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Isaac Cordal – New Street Art Interventions NYC

Street artist Isaac Cordal recently made a trip out to New York City where he hit the streets with his infamous miniature sculptures. The Spanish native used the current socio-political landscape to reflect his subject matter.

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Joey Stupor – Miniature Creature Paintings

Joey Stupor is a multidisciplinary artist based in Newport Beach, California who creates a ton of beautiful fine art and practical accessories. Some of his fine art work consists of amazing miniature paintings of surreal little creatures.


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Salavat Fidai – Famous Paintings in Miniatures [part II]

Salavat Fidai is an experimental artist from Russia. In one of his latest series Fidai presents his “Famous paintings in miniatures” part 2. Fidai is a huge fan of Van Gogh and brilliantly recreates some of the Dutchman’s iconic pieces on matchboxes.

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Peeowhy Hymoaad – Miniature Sculpture Scenes

Thai artist and designer Peeowhy Hymoaad, also known as Poy, creates brilliant and imaginative worlds with miniature sculpture scenes. Poy uses miniature characters and everyday objects then photographs them to display playful and interactive imagery.

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