MOCRE – New Digital Illustrations

Our friend MOCRE recently shares a couple of new digital illustrations with us entitled – “Xólotl, Lord of Underworld” and “Ilhuicamiztli”. More images and background information about the illustrations after the jump!

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Mocre – Axolotl

Our friend Mocre recently hooked us up with some new mural images pertaining to his new piece “Axolotl”. This piece is inspired in the axolote mexicano (Ambystoma Mexicanum). The axolotl is an amazing animal because they have the ability to regenerate. The animal is currently an endangered species.

The piece also represents the ancient mexican god “Xolotl”, he was the twin brother of Quetzalcoatl. Axolotl was related to the underworld, he was the god of sunset, of deformities, spirits and he could transform into anything.


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Mocre – Judge Jaguar

Our man MOCRE just sent over a new digital illustration entitled “Jaguar judge” representing the fury of nature caused by the human greed and carelessness towards it. The jaguar share a message inspirated in a phrase of Richard Buckminster Fuller (1895 -1983). He was a desinger, architecture, visionary and one of the first enviromental activists. Here’s what he has to say about the piece.

“We not continue for long manned our Spaceship Earth,
if we do not realize that it is a single ship, a common destiny.
It will be for everyone or for no one”.

Judge Jaguar-Mocre

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Mocre – Radioactive Animals

Mocre is a multidisciplinary artist from Mexico. His latest work inspired by the radioactive animals that live in Chernobyl (such as: wolves, deers, bisons, horses, beavers, birds, wild boars among others), represents union of the ambient and wildlife, like a power fusion facing a human error.

%22Transportation%22 Acrylic on wood b

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