Studio Giftig – Bird is the Word

Dutch rts collective Studio Giftig (comprising of Niels van Swaemen and Kaspar van Leek) recently came out with their first mural of 2017 at a real estate agency. The new interior wall features a hyperrealistic rendering of a bearded man who has birds floating around his hands.


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Waone – New Mural in Richmond, VA

Street artist Waone recently made his way out to Virginia where he painted a stunning new mural on the streets of Richmond. The Ukrainian painter crushed an awesome monochromatic piece, which was curated by ArtWhino. Photo credits by Tostfilms.


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Alexis Diaz – New Mural in Lodz, Poland

Our friend Alexis Diaz has been on the road recently crushing wall after wall. His latest piece completed in Poland for Lodz Murals entitled “SENTIR” holds his signature monochromatic colour scheme and intricate brushing details.


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Arthur Lugauskas – EP Paintings

Our friend Arthur Lugauskas has been working hard. After posting up his Piop Art paintings and a mural installation, Arthur sent us over a new series of work entitled “EP Paintings.” Using his great monochromatic style (often times with a splash of vibrant colour), these abstract paintings are a great evolution of past works.

Screen shot 2015-03-21 at 5.29.09 AM

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Arthur Lugauskas – Piop Art

Fine artist Arthur Lugauskas recently got in touch with us by sending over a number of sweet paintings. Lugauskas’ work are geometrical monochromatic pieces of op-art that each contain their own flare of colour which distinguishes each piece.

'Teal Minimalism' - (a piop art painting) - by Arthur Lugauskas

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Frank Magnotta – Various Illustrations

Impressive and detailed pencil drawings by Brooklyn-based artist and designer Frank Magnotta. Magnotta creates intricate new worlds in pencil and mixes all sorts of cultural icons and influences into his monochromatic pieces.

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Phlegm – New Mural in Norway

Street artist Phlegm was recently in Moss, Norway where he spent a number of long day days working on a new massive piece somewhere for the Urban Samtidskunst Project. Phlegm uses his signature monochromatic aesthetic with his characters stacked tall, hence the name of the piece “Totems.”

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