Montana Cans presents a new video entitled “MOTION” by the artist duo SOBEKCIS. The mural, of the same name, was painted for the Stadt.Wand.Kunst project, who worked closely alongside the spray company.


[via: juxtapoz]

A. L. Crego – GIF Project

Spanish photographer and motion designer A. L. Crego is back with a new set of images from his amazing GIF project. The project uses photos of preexisting street art pieces and then is modified digital to create hypnotizing scenes. Watch the rest of the new set after the click.

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Nir Arieli – Tension

“I can’t dance. I can’t in my room, nor in a club, let alone any kind of stage. Whenever I am forced to try, I stumble or freeze or drink enough to disappear. However, this time, for the first time, I found myself actively involved in dancing – even if by using someone else’s body.” – Nir Arieli

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Chris Carlson – Tetris Stop-Motion Chalk Animation

This is one of the most incredible things we’ve seen in forever (we know we say that a lot). But damn, look at this. Chris Carlson, a Denver-based artist, creates a Tetris stop-motion animation illusion video out of chalk! Video after the jump.

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Fabian Oefner – Black Hole

“‘Black Hole’ is a series of images, which shows paint modeled by centripetal force. The setup is very simple: Various shades of acrylic paint are dripped onto a metallic rod, which is connected to a drill. When switched on, the paint starts to move away from the rod, creating these amazing looking structures.” – Fabian Oefner

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