Blu – New Mural in Naples

The infamous mural artist BLU is back at it again in Naples. The Italian muralist crushed a massive new for the Je So Pazzo Organization with a piece that interacts with its surroundings and was painted on an abandoned mental hospital.

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ZEUS40 x Montana Black – Naples 2015

Graffiti artist Zeus40 of the Wildboys Crew is one of the most prolific graffiti artists around and he’s being doing so for years. Recently he dropped a new video alongside Montana Black where they followed him around doing what he does best. Peep the video after the jump!

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 9.18.53 AM

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Jorit – Hyperrealistic Street Art

Jorit is a Naples born graffiti and fine artist who creates unbelievable hyperrealistic portrait work. Each piece carefully crafted with masterful techniques are done with spray paint to execute a perfect piece no matter what race, gender or age the subject matter.

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