Gerard Boersma – Hyperrealistic Landscape Paintings

Gerard Boersma is a hyperrealist artist and I paint people in modern cities. Boersma freezes time so our fast and busy lives are forever captured in a moment. Finally ready to be observed quietly. Boersma generally paints people on the streets, in stores, public transport and museums. They show the way people see themselves, interact or are influenced by modern developments in various ways.

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Studio Giftig – Bird is the Word

Dutch rts collective Studio Giftig (comprising of Niels van Swaemen and Kaspar van Leek) recently came out with their first mural of 2017 at a real estate agency. The new interior wall features a hyperrealistic rendering of a bearded man who has birds floating around his hands.


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Studio Giftig – Various Murals

Studio Giftig is specialized in making murals and illustrations. Our expertise lays in the contrast between our graphic and illustrative style versus the photorealistic way of painting, or the combination of both. These examples make for lots of opportunities.


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Roos van der Vliet – Hyperrealist Portraiture

Roos van der Vliet is a Dutch artist who creates unbelievable hyperrealistic portrait paintings. The Arhem based artist features the heads of young women masked by their hair, but uses subtleties of facial their expressions to create unique individual pieces.


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Martine Johanna – Various Paintings

Martine Johanna‘s art is characterized by exploring the boundaries between illustration and contemporary figurative painting; there are traditional style elements to her work, mixed-in with more abstract elements and compositions. The work consists of imaginary characters with a stylistic nod to fashion and a great eye for detail. The mostly female figures are depicted in a surreal environment or are isolated in their thoughts. Both on canvas, wood or paper the works contain a complex energy that makes you stop and enthrall you in their illusiveness.


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Case Maclaim x Digital Does – Mural in Hague, Netherlands

Graffiti artist Digital Does recently teamed up with hyperrealist street artist Case Maclaim to paint a breath taking new mural in the Netherlands. There for the ILH Festival the duo brought out their A-game for this bold piece on the streets of Hague.

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Joram Roukes – Various Paintings

Joram Roukes was born 1983 in Lelystad. Currently working from my studio in Groningen, the Netherlands. Roukes is currently at the moment pushing a predominantly international artistic career. His oil paintings are reflections on daily life situations in western society, filtered and reassembled in a collage-like manner. Roukes’ work has been shown throughout Europe with shows in Copenhagen and London.

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