Archan Nair – New Works

Archan Nair is a self- taught visual artist, illustrator and Digital Artist, specialising in mixed media, illustration, and digital art. His visual expressions are part of a journey which is really influenced by the mysteries of our existence and how every action, emotion, and our interconnectedness in a universal scale sets of a chain of reactions, which we experience from the micro to the macro scale.

We posted up Archan’s work before but he just recently reached out to us with some stunning new pieces. These new digital illustration works range from simple and vibrant animals to unworldly landscapes.


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Never Crew – New Mural in New Delhi, India

Mural collective Never Crew recently made their way out to India to paint an incredible new mural for the St+Art festival. The Swiss duo consisting of Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni, worked away for a number of days creating a beautiful piece featuring a vibrant moon and cut out astronaut resting on top.


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