Converse CONS – KAPUT

The iconic shoe company Converse recently linked up with Canadian graffiti artist KAPUT to paint the town red (and all other sorts of colours). As they follow the Kaput around they go from abandoned buildings, to rooftops to thrift stores. Watch the video and more images after the click!

Screen shot 2014-11-06 at 3.14.19 PM

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Eyes on Walls Presents: “Endpire” by Alex Cherry

The End Is Here – New York, Los Angeles and Paris are all underwater. Alex Cherry created the ‘Endpire’ Series imagining a world where icons of our most powerful cities, seen from miles around by thousands of people at any given time, are underwater. This is what the artist had to say about the work:

“The idea is that each image is from the viewpoint of the last person alive to see that monument in person. It’s like you’re just sitting here, alive, but also knowing that there’s 0% chance for survival”, says Cherry.

Prints from ‘Endpire’ are now available in a variety of Fine Art Print formats as well as in a set of 3 Mini Art Blocks. Alex Cherry’s work is published exclusively by Eyes On Walls.

Endpire by Alex Cherry

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SMART CREW – Transforms SIXTY SoHo

SMART CREW members DCEVE, SNOEMAN, ELMO and others transform the SIXTY SoHo lobby over several days prior to the hotel’s renovation; creating an interactive graffiti landscape and the beginning of SIXTY SoHo’s re-imagining until destroying the entire landscape with sledgehammers.

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