Pangeaseed – Seawalls: Murals for Oceans [New Zealand]

PangeaSeed Foundation, the international marine conservation organization, is thrilled to announce the conclusion of its inaugural partnership with the Napier City Council, Resene, and Alternative Arts Initiative to create a series of Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans in the coastal town of Napier, New Zealand. This international collaboration of concerned organizations and artists took place from March 10-21, 2016, and creatively beautified the surrounding area of Napier, while bringing awareness, collaboration, and inspiration to the community. More images and info after the jump!

meggs phibs
MEGGS & PHIBS – Detail Photo by Miya Tsukazaki

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Askew One – Kaitiaki

Multidisciplinary artist and friend of BBB’s Askew One recently got busy in his native New Zealand for another edition of the Pangeaseed “Seawalls” festival in Napier. The new piece features a massive colourful portrait and is entitled “Kaitiaki”, which is the Māori word for guardianship of air, land & sea.


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Phlegm – New Mural in Wellington, New Zealand

Mural artist Phlegm recently made his way out to the beautiful city of Wellington in New Zealand where he got to paint his magic for the Wellington Street Art Festival. Using a simple black and white colour palette and his signature miniature characters, he crushed this new piece before heading out to Dunedin.


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Pangeaseed – Sea Walls “Murals for Oceans [New Zealand Expedition]”

The Pangeaseed Foundation is pleased to announce the latest edition of its groundbreaking public art project, Seawalls Murals for Oceans coming to Napier, New Zealand March 11-21, 2016.

The festival will feature the work of over 25 internationally renowned artists, coming together to paint for a purpose and give the oceans a voice via art and activism (ARTivism). You can follow @pangeaseed and @seawalls_ for updates and visit to learn how you can help save our seas.


Telmo Miel – The Hector Dive

Artist collective Telmo Miel recently made their way out to New Zealand to paint a new wall for the Spectrum Street Art Festival. The boys worked away at a piece entitled “The Hector Dive” which is situated on top of a YMCA building. Their brand new piece on the streets of Christchurch features their bright, colourful and surreal aesthetic.

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Natalia Rak – Love is in the Air

Street artist Natalia Rak recently got busy on the streets of Dunedin, New Zealand, where she killed a beautiful mural entitled “Love is in the Air.” Utilizing vibrant colours and beautiful rendering skills, the piece just pops off the wall.

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Askew One – Vegan To’ona’i

One of our favourites Askew One has been on the streets of his hometown – Auckland. Painting at the All Fresco Street Art Festival, the kiwi artist painted a colourful piece he’s entitled “Vegan To’ona’i”. Though appearing somewhat abstract, the mural depicts Taro leaves, coconut, brown onion & green bananas.

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