Jason Ruff – Paper Sneakers

Jason Ruff is a fine artist who creates incredible sculptures of Nike sneakers using paper and old cigarette packages. The NYC based sculptor focuses on Air Jordan’s and used Newport and Marlboro packs to match the various colourways.


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Quest Terrarium – Miniature Nike Sneakers

Quest Terrarium is a Moss & Miniature Artist, Designer and Gardener specializing in Moss Decor Installation. Featuring tons of amazing installations, the Hong Kong based artist focuses much of his work around miniature Nike sneakers implemented on top of naturalistic and real life landscapes.


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Madsteez – Untouchable

Our man and previous BBB interviewee MADSTEEZ, recently got crazy busy in the city of Dallas where he was invited by Nike to work on a massive new mural for the College Football Championships. This piece entitled “Untouchable” uses all of his signature aesthetics layered on top another for a seemingly collage styled wall.

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Mr. Plant – “Just Grow It”

French artist Christophe Guinet (aka Mr. PLANT) fills and covers Nike sneakers with plants for a series entitled “Just Grow It.” Plant meticulously uses flowers to engulf the fabric, soil and rocks are caked on the swoosh, and layers of bark replace popular styles of shoes. Each of the sculptures is living and matched carefully to each shoe.

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