NIKE SB Visits Spain in Valladolid

These NIKE SB guys are just so fuckin’ good.

Y’a écrit : Va niké ta mère

Music, graffiti and foolin’ around. There isn’t much better than that. In this video REMS, BIMS, DEMS189, JAW and SOWAT how to get an offensive piece done ( Y’a écrit : Va niké ta mère = to “Go Fuck Your Mom”) with style. Y’a écrit : Va niké ta mère, translates to “Go Fuck Your Mom”.

Gino Iannucci and the Nike SB Challenge Court

You know how much we love cleverness here and there’s been about 2 months lack of skateboard culture on this puppy, so we figure we’ll start to get that going again. Either way, this is a very neat video of Gino Iannucci for Nike SB. A nice tennis great cameo at the end to seal it off.