Fintan Magee – New Mural in Stavanger, Norway

Australian artist Fintan Magee recently made his way out to Stavanger, Norway where crushed a massive new mural. Invited by the Nuart Festival, the Melbourne based muralist went sky high on a piece entitled “Monument to a Disappearing Monument” featuring an oil worker fading a way, a metaphor for the community’s once booming oil production.


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Telmomiel – New Mural in Oslo

Street art duo Telmomiel recently were invited out to Oslo where they painted a number of murals at the Ulsrud Metro station. The Dutch artists worked their way through the station and painted a variety of walls featuring figure and train based pieces.


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Phlegm – New Mural in Norway

Street artist Phlegm was recently in Moss, Norway where he spent a number of long day days working on a new massive piece somewhere for the Urban Samtidskunst Project. Phlegm uses his signature monochromatic aesthetic with his characters stacked tall, hence the name of the piece “Totems.”

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