Adrian Cox – Various Paintings

Adrian Cox (born 1988) is a painter living and working in St. Louis, Missouri. Cox attended the University of Georgia for his undergraduate studies, and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with honors in 2010. He obtained his Master of Fine Arts degree from Washington University in Saint Louis in 2012. In addition to exhibiting his work nationally, Adrian is the gallery coordinator at the Millitzer Gallery, an alternative art-space in Saint Louis, and currently works as an adjunct lecturer in painting in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in Saint Louis.


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Brian Donnelly – Dripping Oil Portraits

Canadian artist Brian Donnelly creates brilliant portrait work that literally melts off the canvas. The Toronto based painter uses his talented oil painting skills to form heads of both men and women and then introduced turpentine and hand sanitizer to melt the faces off the canvas and out of recognition. Donnelly also has a new show starting this Friday at the Stephanie Chefas Projects in Portland.


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Ryan J Carey – Breath Paintings

Ryan Carey is an artist currently working in Phoenix, Arizona who creates incredible abstract paintings. Carey uses only his breath and thinned oil paint to compose his work. This process helps him focus on the beauty and spontaneity that exist in every breath.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 7.20.39 AM

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Rinat Shingareev – Various Paintings

Fine artist Rinat Shingareev just sent along a selection of images that really tickled our fancy. His works are brilliant oil paintings that are extremely well rendered and poke fun at our current pop culture and socio-political landscape.

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Chris Stevens – Superhero Oil Paintings

American comic book artist Chris Stevens has recently created a stunning new collection of superhero-themed oil realism paintings. With all of our favourite superheroes such as Wolverine, The Hulk, and Captain America are featured in his collection, among many others.

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