Sam El Greco – Street Art Geometry

Sam El Greco is an Argentinian graffiti and mural artist who creates killer abstract street art work. The Buenos Aires based painter uses vibrant colours and geometric shapes to illustrate new dimensions which jump off the wall.


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Askew One – Kaitiaki

Multidisciplinary artist and friend of BBB’s Askew One recently got busy in his native New Zealand for another edition of the Pangeaseed “Seawalls” festival in Napier. The new piece features a massive colourful portrait and is entitled “Kaitiaki”, which is the Māori word for guardianship of air, land & sea.


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Queen Andrea – Hustle Hard

Graffiti artist and designer Queen Andrea got busy on a tight little while ago in New York City with words saying “Hustle Hard.” Definitely a phrase we live by over here, and we’re sure a ton of you out there do too.


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Askew One – New Mural in Mt Maunganui

One of our favourite people on the planet, Askew One, recently got busy in Mt Maunganui where he painted another giant and beautiful portrait. Using his signature expressive background and highly rendered white face, the Auckland based artist nails it again.


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Smithe – “Fisuras de la Materia” @ Celaya Brothers Gallery

Mexican street artist and illustrator Smithe recently unveiled a new set of work for his solo exhibition entitled “Fisuras de la Materia” (Fissures of Matter), currently on view at Celaya Brothers Gallery. Using his signature aesthetic of colourful and vibrant dark subject matter. The show will be on display until December 12th, 2015.

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Reka One – New Murals @ Roskilde Festival

Berlin based street fine/street artist REKA One has recently been in Denmark for the Roskilde Festival where he’s been painting up a storm. In his vibrant and abstract style, here are a number of beautiful new pieces.

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Askew1 x Elliot Francis Stewart – Mural @ Wonderwalls Festival

Kiwi graffiti turned fine-artists Askew One and Elliot Francis Stewart recently teamed up on an enormous mural in the city of Port Adelaide, Australia. Fusing two of their signature styles, the illustration of EFS and Askew’s lettering, the beautiful wall just popped off the wall being visible from an extremely far distance.

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