The Detroit Beautifcation Project Episode 1

We forgot to post this up last week, which we are disappointed we did. This is a really sweet documentary of the amazing movement that’s going on in Detroit called “The Detroit Beautification Project”. So many brilliant graffiti artists from all over (a lot of which dropping their own loot) to make Detroit as beautiful as it should be. It’s great that we’ve got artists like these doing stuff for the community like these guys.


SatOne – Various Walls

Man, we’re so disappointed we haven’t found SatOne earlier. Such fantastic work that really breaks barriers between graffiti art and mural art. The work is so seamless and colourful but still holds that gritty nature of spray paint and graffiti that we love.

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Ultraboys – Doin’ It Well in Heidelberg, Germany

3 outstanding and incredible writers Dems333, Sozyone, and Pantone call themselves the Ultraboys and it’s a fitting name, that’s for sure. Doin’ It Well is an understatement too. Here’s a video of them dropping some funk in Heidelberg, Germany. Great work and awesome video to boot.


Mountain & City Sales Office, China

“Taking inspiration from the surrounding mountain range in Nanshan, the newly designed Chongqing Mountain & City Sales Office has come to life. The interior architecture of the office, designed by One Plus Partnership, has its valleys and its peaks.” -KNSTRCT

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BizarreBeyondBelief Vol. Issue #1

Hart Goetze, PardonLeDopeness, Lush, Azores, Warren Haas, Outclass Attire, Mozy UNC and Aaron Li-Hill kick off the first issue of BizarreBeyondBelief!