Jonny Niesche – Various Paintings

Jonny Niesche is an Australian born artist currently living and working in Sydney, Australia. Niesche creates breath taking abstract painting works that play with shapes and sizes and beautifully blend vibrant colours that stimulate the viewer.


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Johnny Abrahams – New Op Art Paintings

New York City based artist Johnny Abrahams, who we previously posted here, has recently created a number of brilliant new op art and abstract painting works using his signature minimal colour palette.


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Elizabeth Sutton – Various Abstractions

Many works of art betray the hand of the artist. Elizabeth Sutton’s work, however tells of the mind of the artist. Her compositional signature is a strong undercurrent of mathematical proportion and algorithmic color placement. Nothing is accidental, everything is intuitive. For Sutton, process is paramount and it begins with a survey of surface and dimension. Consideration of medium is also essential as all of these factors enter into Sutton’s equation while she works through each concept as if solving a puzzle. She strives for balance and never leaves unexamined the nuances of her creative space, subject or substance. With her strong background in mathematics and business, Sutton’s exacting process aims for a perfection that yet unfolds organically, creating pieces that are simultaneously unique and consistent in their compositional equilibrium.


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1010 x Cisco Merel x Felipe Pantone x Nelio x Aricruz – “Spectra” @ Marion Gallery

Articruz presents “Spectra” a group exhibition featuring 1010, Cisco Merel, Felipe Pantone and Nelio. The likeminded individuals have come together to present a brilliant new show set to be displayed at the Marion Gallery in Panama. More info, images and promo video after the jump.


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Felipe Pantone – “W3-Dimensional” @ Mirus Gallery [Recap]

Felipe Pantone just sent over some images from his amazing show at Mirus Gallery in San Francisco entitled “W3-Dimensional.” Take a look at a number of beautiful photos capturing the amazing use of space within the gallery of Mr. Pantone’s op-art “Ultradynamism” art style.


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Felipe Pantone – “W3-DIimensional” @ Mirus Gallery

Multidisciplinary artist and friend of BBB’s, Felipe Pantone, is set to make his U.S solo exhibition debut opening this Saturday at Mirus Gallery. The show entitled “W3-DIimensional” features his version brilliant op-art style that he’s named “Ultradynamism”.


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