Os Gemeos – “Silence of the Music” @ Lehmann Maupin

This upcoming September, the Brazilian graffiti twins Os Gemeos will unveil their solo exhibition at Lehmann Maupin Gallery in New York. The show entitled “Silence of the Music”, the show will continue the duo’s series of works featuring their signature characters interacting with patterns and urban environments.


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Os Gemeos – New Mural in Milan, Italy

Os Gemeos is back at it again, this time around in Milan. After collaborating with their close friend JR they duo traveled to Milan to paint the inaugural mural for the “Outside the Cube” project. The Brazilian twins used the surface to their advantage by creating a mural that resembled a train car with one of their signature characters on the back of it getting up/ train suffering. The piece is actually Os Gemeos’s first major work in Italy.


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Os Gemeos x JR – Collaboration Murals in Paris

Brazilian street art legends Os Gemeos are back in Europe where they collaborated with long time friend JR on a new wall in Paris. The trio whipped together a few pieces featuring some of Os Gemeos’s yellow characters and JR’s signature photography wheatpastes. The mural installations took place somewhere along the tunnels of the Palais de Tokyo.


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Os Gemeos – New Mural in Lithuania

Back at it again, Os Gemeos created a new mural in Lithuania, Created for the third Vilnius Street Art Festival, the Brazilian duo painted one of their classic yellow characters climbing out of a wall, while also leaving existing graffiti on the wall.

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Vuliva Brasil – Os Gemeos

Brazilian artists Os Gemeos recently flew out to the Vuliva Brazil Festival in Minsk, Belarus. The festival sets out to celebrate Belorussian-Brazilian urban art. Appropriately, the twins crushed a massive wall featuring a signature yellow character going sky high. Quick video of the artists at below!

Os Gemeos – New Mural in NYC

Brazilian twin street artist Os Gemeos has been at it hard in New York City as of recently. First with their collaboration with Andre and JR, now they’ve completed a gigantic mural located at the crossing of 2nd avenue and 1st street. This 5 story piece features their signature yellow character seeping out of the wall for all to admire.

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Os Gemeos x JR x Andre Saraiva – Collaboration in NYC

The Parallel Connection project is well under way in New York City and in light of this, Brazilian twins Os Gemeos were in town and teamed up with French part-time locals, JR and Andre Saraiva, to create some brilliant street side character pieces. The collective incorporated all of their signature sides while blending them within one another to create a vibe of life size monsters living among those who walk around Soho.

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