Ron Ulicny’s “Paintures” @ Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco

Ron Ulicny’s new show “Paintures” at Spoke Art Gallery features 10 new wall mounted sculptures, Ulicny’s new body of work blurs the line between three and two dimensional arts, creating compelling studies of pattern, color and form in a multifaceted survey of works that are seemingly uncategorizable as either paintings or sculptures. Ulicny’s recontextualization of common items into new and distinct forms pushes the boundaries of his medium. By utilizing and transforming these everyday household goods, Ulicny “paints” a new future for sculpture in a presentation of large scale works that blend elements of craftsmanship with high concept. Furthermore, the show intends to jab at former art practices like that of Pop-Art with his “200 Progresso Soup Cans” and Abstract Expressionism with his “Ghost of John Spilsbury (blue)”.

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