Augustine Kofie – “Build From Memory” @ Galerie Openspace

One of our favourite artists Augustine Kofie has recently unveiled a new series of painting and collage work for his now solo exhibition “Build From Memory”. These new works can be seen on display at Galerie Openspace in Paris, which is on view until April 1st.

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Ludo – New Mural in Paris

Street artist LUDO recently crushed a new piece in France entitled “Love After All”. The new piece on the streets of Paris uses his signature colour palette and style and features a robotic Grim Reaper holding a thorny scythe with a rose head.


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Inti – Le Madre Secular 2

Chilean muralist INTI recently sent over some photos of a new completed mural in Paris for the Galerie Itinerrance and Project StreetArt13. Here’s what the artist had to say about the piece:

“La Madre Secular II its a lay representation of the Madonna, where the sacred remains outside the religious context, and stands as something possible without breaking the laws of nature.
Through the iconic composition, with symbols linked to nature and science, this Madonna replaces the apple from the biblical tale for Newton’s apple, as an allegory to the era of knowledge and skepticism.
La Madre Secular II Paris, France.”


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Astro ODV CBS – Illusion Graffiti Walls

French graffiti artist Astro has been making his mark on walls since the year 2000 and has been pushing the envelope in regards to how the viewer interacts with piece. The Parisian writer has made a ton of new walls which feature a trompe l’oeil aesthetic where it gives the illusion as if the piece is disappearing into the abyss.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 2.44.45 PM

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JR – Installation @ The Louvre

Infamous street artist JR has recently completed the dream of every artist in the world – his work is at The Louvre. Invited by the iconic museum, the French native worked tirelessly with a solid team of people who helped in covering the front of the famous pyramid with a wheat paste giving the glass structure the illusion of disappearing.


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Os Gemeos x JR – Collaboration Murals in Paris

Brazilian street art legends Os Gemeos are back in Europe where they collaborated with long time friend JR on a new wall in Paris. The trio whipped together a few pieces featuring some of Os Gemeos’s yellow characters and JR’s signature photography wheatpastes. The mural installations took place somewhere along the tunnels of the Palais de Tokyo.


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Françoise Nielly – 2016 Portrait Paintings

The incredible French artist Francoise Nielly has been hard at work and recently unveiled on her Behance page a new set of portrait paintings completed over the course of the past few weeks. Using her textured palette knife style and vibrant colours these new works compliment the Parisian based artists already amazing portfolio.


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