Stephen Hiam – The Human Stencil

Live Art Performance by Stephen Hiam with Berlin’s legendary stencil street artist EMESS. Filmed by Andy Fiebert & André Zerndt for the opening of ‘Art in the Bath’ at the STATTBAD, Wedding. Exhibition curated by Guillaume Trotin of the Open Walls Gallery Berlin.

Screen shot 2014-07-04 at 3.48.17 PM
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Alexa Meade – New Human Installations

You’ve definitely seen Alexa Meade‘s work before. Some of her photographs have circled the internet like crazy. She’s come out with a couple new brilliant pieces in her classic style, where she paints on people and photographs them to make the three dimensional space seem two dimensional.

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Holton Rower – Pour Performance

As you know Holton Rower does these extravagant pour paintings that are massive and colourful. They seem to resemble like a bright and vibrant tree stump, each grain being a new colour. Here, he decided to use a woman and not a canvas to create a performance masterpiece.

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SABER Performance Installation @ Nuart 2012

SABER teamed up with Juxtapoz and flew to Stavanger, Norway to document SABER’s installation at the festival. In a very politically driven and motivated way SABER’s performance discusses the term “No Tolerance” and its impact on the arts community, among other things.

Jonathon VanDyke – Painting and Performance

Jonathon VanDyke is a performance artist who has his lovely paintings attach within the presentations. The outcome of lots of body expression and dripping paint, these abstract-DIY-sculpture-paintings are tremendous and we don’t doubt the performance would be very interesting to see as well. Looks like there’s a whole hell of a lot of clean up afterwards though.

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