Element Tree – IMOK Crew

Element Tree presents their latest video featuring the boys from the IMOK Crew. Featured Artists SEKT, MAST, JICK, EWOK ONE and RISK9 toughed out the cold and painted a number of burners and featured a political driven character of one presidential hopeful. Peep the video shot/cut by Serringe of the Element Tree below.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.24.42 AM

Isaac Cordal – New Street Art Interventions NYC

Street artist Isaac Cordal recently made a trip out to New York City where he hit the streets with his infamous miniature sculptures. The Spanish native used the current socio-political landscape to reflect his subject matter.

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Alessandro Rabatti – Facebank

‘Facebank’ is a project by Alessandro Rabatti which combines icons of the world economy with icons of the comic world, born from the necessity to give a face to a faceless power that is more and more characterized by a disarming loss of faith from the general public. By reworking selected parts and details of the dollar bill, pound sterling and Yuan/Renminbi banknotes, a series of alternated figures come to life which aim to reflect and convey the symbolic value of money and inspire thoughts about the current economic crisis.

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Blu – New Mural in Bolivia

BLU was recently travelling through South America where he painted this signature mural in Cochabamba, Bolivia. In his usual social critique, BLU decides to make a mural statement painting a hand holding a balance and scaling “The People” vs “Money” following his social engagement and probably analyzing the current situation of the country.

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Blu – Mural for ManifestoMX

Legendary Italian artist Blu created an intense artwork at the ManifestoMX festival. Invited by Fifty24MX in Mexico DF the prolific artist is sending a strong political message about the corruption within the current Mexican Government in his latest large scale piece.

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Mark Wagner – Currency Portraits

Mark Wagner was born quietly in the rural Midwest at the tail end of thirteen children. Since leaving the sandbox at the age of fourteen, he has continued his creative career in the fields of writing, collage, and bookmaking. He is co-founder of The Booklyn Artists Alliance, and has published books under the name Bird Brain Press and X-ing Books.

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SABER Performance Installation @ Nuart 2012

SABER teamed up with Juxtapoz and flew to Stavanger, Norway to document SABER’s installation at the festival. In a very politically driven and motivated way SABER’s performance discusses the term “No Tolerance” and its impact on the arts community, among other things.