Mark Wagner – Currency Portraits

Mark Wagner was born quietly in the rural Midwest at the tail end of thirteen children. Since leaving the sandbox at the age of fourteen, he has continued his creative career in the fields of writing, collage, and bookmaking. He is co-founder of The Booklyn Artists Alliance, and has published books under the name Bird Brain Press and X-ing Books.

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Jun Cha – Paris 2013

Through the lens of a black and white video that mirrors the visceral figurative style of Jun Cha, filmmaker Santiago Arbelaez followed the LA-based artist during his 14-day pop-up tattoo studio in Paris. Expanding Cha’s ongoing investigation to fuse classical inspirations within the modern medium of tattooing, the artist challenges traditional concepts of the creative process and continues the dialogue between art history and fine line Black and Grey which has been a constant evolving theme in his work.

Picture 3


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Ben Frost – Pop Art On McDonalds Fries Holders

One of our favourite artists, Ben Frost, uses everything he can get his hands on to create fantastic works of art. Here, he uses recycled McDonald’s french fry containers for pop culture icon paintings.

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Paul Cooper – Pop Culture Illustrations

Paul Cooper‘s an illustrator from the UK with a love for all things pop culture. As you know, we too are in love with pop culture and definitely things that are nostalgic. Cooper’s illustrations vary from Tim Burton’s Batman to Mad Men. Regardless, these sort of things are always a treat to look at.

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Robert Mapplethorpe – Portraits

Robert Mapplethorpe‘s portrait series showcases some of the biggest names in recent art history. From top to bottom, Keith Haring, 1984; Louise Bourgeois, 1982; Willem de Kooning, 1986;Andy Warhol, 1983; Roy Lichtenstein, 1985; Robert Rauschenberg, 1983; Brice Marden, 1986.

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