Freak City – Various Illustrations

Freak City (or Freak City Designs) is a French illustrator born in 1984 who creates killer illustration designs that range from posters to magazine covers. He is also co-founder of the textile design studio Atelier Kobalt and currently lives and works in Bordeaux.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 2.37.54 PM

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Flame – Various Illustrations

A Japanese artist who goes by the name of “Flame” creates unbelievable illustration work. Though there’s little information we seem to be able to find, we’ve stumbled across the artist’s Tumblr page which has an extensive archive of work. Flame’s work seems to be a mix of art nouveau, manga and the artist’s own personal aesthetic.

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Rack & Pinion Creative – New Poster Series for Psiphon

The Toronto-based creative group Rack & Pinion Creative has just released a model poster series this past Tuesday (September 8th) to help spread Internet censorship awareness. This is the second series that was made for Psiphon, a free VPN service which helps people all around the world regain access to the web when censorship measures have been put in place.


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Hanksy – Creates Donald Trump Poster Campaign

Hitting the streets of NYC and Philadelphia, NYC’s own Hanksy creates a new poster for the misguided and bigoted Presidential candidate Donald Trump. So far over two dozen “El Presidente” posters have been placed throughout the streets.

“I want to be to Donald what Shepard was to Barrack. I want to be Trump’s Fairey godmother.” -Hanksy


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Sticker Phiends – Invades Hollywood

Sticker Phiends – “Invades Hollywood” September 11th, 2015. Street/Gallery artist “Mad One” will team up with Stone Malone Gallery to host the annual “Sticker Phiends”, a showcase of local and international adhesive, street and graff artists for yet another round. The show will feature adhesive art and other interactive activities, plenty of sticker giveaways, limited edition prints, merch and other mixed medium works produced by showcasing artists. All the details after the jump!


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