Rack & Pinion Creative – Psiphon

Rack & Pinion Creative is a boutique creative group based in Toronto specializing in branding, design, cinematic and photographic storytelling. Last week their creative team released a cool paper poster series to spread awareness about internet censorship. It’s for Psiphon, a VPN service which wants to help people regain access to blocked websites in their country.


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Sean Hart – Paris Metro Takeover

Our friend and previous BBB interviewee Sean Hart has recently been on a tear. This time around he’s bringing his typographic works to the platforms in the Paris metro systems and in the trains themselves. With various slogans, sayings and titles that allow the viewer to take a moment to reflect, there’s rarely a better place to display work than in such a widely seen public context.

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Signfeld – Etsy Store

There’s an Etsy store that has recently surfaced that’s entitled “Signfeld” and as you may assume, the store is an online poster shop dedicated to beautifully design out Seinfeld quotes. As massive fans here, there was no doubt in our minds that we were going to have to post it up when we saw it.

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Paul Cooper – Pop Culture Illustrations

Paul Cooper‘s an illustrator from the UK with a love for all things pop culture. As you know, we too are in love with pop culture and definitely things that are nostalgic. Cooper’s illustrations vary from Tim Burton’s Batman to Mad Men. Regardless, these sort of things are always a treat to look at.

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Mock Seinfeld Movie Posters

It’s a little bit out of what we normally post, but if you’re as big of Seinfeld fans as we are here then you’ll know how exciting it is to see these posters that are mock ups of all the made up movies the characters in the show go to. Some of them we may have done differently and they’re missing a few good ones, but that’s just being super critical. These things are friggin’ incredible!

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Outmane Amahou – Minimalist Art Movement Posters

We’re sure that all you readers know plenty about the various art movements that have came on throughout the years. Well designer Outmane Amahou decided to do us all a favour and pay hommage through print. A variety of different minimal posters depicting iconic paintings from each artistic movement.

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