Bicicleta Sem Freio x Just Kids – Pow! Wow! Hawaii

Brazilian street art collective Bicicleta Sem Freio teamed up with the people over at Just Kids to create a massive new piece in Hawaii. With the Pow Wow Hawaii festival in full swing, the group used their signature colour palette and graphic imagery to create a bold new wall on the streets of Honolulu.


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Tristan Eaton – Aloha Dreamland

Tristan Eaton is currently at the POW! WOW! HAWAII street art festival with a ton of other amazing artists. With the festival well under way, the murals have been going up like crazy and Mr. Eaton got a brilliant monochromatic piece done in Honolulu. The wall entitled “Aloha Dreamland” is a portrait style mural with some shredded typography and all done in a variety of vibrant blues. Keep following the festival for a ton of amazing new work. Photos by Rom Levy.


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Slinkachu – Miniature Street Interventions Hawaii

Sculpture artist Slinkachu is out in Hawaii for POW! WOW! HAWAII where he’s been busy at work creating a number of his famous miniature street interventions. In his most recent piece, the street artist created a brilliant hammock for a lady to relax in on the beach in Honolulu. Follow him and all of his amazing work on Instagram as he documents the festival.


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SEVER MSK – New Mural in Oahu

The infamous Atlanta born artist Sever from the MSK crew crushed a new wall recently in Oahu for POW!WOW! Hawaii 2015. As per usual Sever uses pop culture to poke fun at anti graffiti advocates by incorporating Bugs & Taz from Looney Toons decked out in Kriss Kross attire in the mural. However, if you look further into the mural there is a much deeper message on the wall.

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Tatiana Suarez x Lauren YS – Mural Collaboration Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2015

Femaile artists Tatiana Suarez & Lauren YS recently got busy on a mural collaboration for POW! WOW! HAWAII! 2015. Using their epic color styles and signature characters, the duo created an aquatic adventure scene that also acts as an anamorphic piece.

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Tristan Eaton x Matt Eaton – Mural @ Pow Wow Hawaii 2015

Los Angeles based artist Tristan Eaton recently completed a new mural at POW! WOW! Hawaii street art festival. Working in the same location as last year, Eaton team with his brother Matt Eaton to create a giant wall in his classic style.

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Maya Hayuk – New Mural @ Pow Wow Hawaii

In town for the now infamous Pow! Wow! Hawaii street art festival, the New York City-based artist Maya Hayuk quickly worked her way through a beautiful and vibrant large scale piece utilizing her signature abstract & striped imagery.

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