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Inspired by the the architecture and street culture of BCN (Barcelona), illustrator Kyle Bryant has create project “Bryant’s Cultural Narrative” with every single other title bearing a BCN acronym. All of the prints are hand drawn, hand carved, and hand printed, on 250g 50cm x 70cm paper.

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“Marginal Compositions is a project in development centered on the investigation of a marginal space’s aesthetic qualities. The works are realized with various magazines. Every magazine’s page is folded in a way to erase the textual element of the previous page and to leave only the margin visible. The compositions are produced by repeating this action until the magazine’s surface is completely covered. Every work is a representative but not definitive image documenting this kind of space’s expressive potential.” – Gemis Luciani

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Ben Dehaan prints portraits using UV sensitive inks that cure (or dry) when exposed to UV light. Dehaan doesn’t dry his prints, instead he leaves them to allow the ink to run. On his website, he’s got a video time-lapse capturing the process. The portraits produced then become abstract, using this brave technique.

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