Andrew Hem – New Mural in Huanggang, China

Multidisciplinary artist Andrew Hem recently made his way out to China where he painted a brilliant new mural. Invited by the Back to School project which is curated by Seth Globepainter, the American artist created a massive new piece featuring figures done in his signature style on the streets of Huanggang.

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Nychos – New Mural in Linz, Austria

Graffiti artist Nychos recently crushed a new mural in the city of Linz for the Mural Harbor project. One of the largest walls to date, the Austrian painter went incredibly detailed on a snake with some extra signature characteristics.


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Yok & Sheryo – Greetings From Coney Island

Street artist Yok & Sheryo recently crushed a new wall in New York City for the famous Coney Island Art Walls project. The duo worked away on a massive, illustrative style piece that features a bunch of funky characters in a colour palette remnant of old style carnivals. Peep the video and more images after the jump!


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Bezt Etam – New Mural in Mannheim

Polish street artist Bezt of the Etam Cru recently made his way out to Germany for the Stadt.Wand.Kunst urban art project where he painted a new piece entitled “Europe”. The large scale piece on the streets of Mannheim features somber and veiled women, which can be interpreted a number of ways.


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Askew One – New Mural for PM9 in Berlin

Kiwi artist Askew One recently made his way out to Germany where he got busy on another one of his stunning portrait based murals. In town, for the PM9 project, the muralist went sky high painting a vibrant piece of one of his close friends Suia, who used to live and work in Auckland but now resides in Berlin.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.11.00 AM

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Rone – New Mural for Nashville Walls Project

Mural artist Rone recently made his way out to Tennessee where he painted a stunning new mural for the Nashville Walls Project. The Aussie mural worked away high above the street level and created a glorious new portrait piece on the streets of Nashville.


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Millo – Childhood Dream

Street artist Millo recently made his way out to Shanghai to paint a massive new wall entitled “Childhood Dreams.” The Italian muralist painted the new piece for the Color The Way Of Love project which stood over 4 stories high and was in his signature black and white with minor colour accents aesthetic.

Versione 2

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