Myneandyours – The Greatest of Mysteries

Our friend Myneandyours recently finished up 2016 with an incredible new mural in Dubai entitled “The Greatest of Mysteries”. The project took 32 nights, 740 man hours, 18 walls, 1840sq metres and consisted of 620 stencils, 560 clouds, 50000 stars, 288 litres of paint, 150 cans, 1 massage and a visit to A&E. The project was unveiled a few weeks ago at #meetd3 and can be found at the entrance to the car park of building 6, opposite building 9.


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Erika Lizée – And Yet, Things Continue to Unfold

Erika Lizée is a Los Angeles based artist who recently completed an interior mural installation project entitled “…and yet, things continue to unfold”. Take a look a some more images and artist statement after they jump.

01. Lizée, corner image

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Nicolas Craig – Various Street Art Work

Nico Craig is an illustrator and street artist who creates innovative work both indoors and outdoors. Using vibrant colours and familiar characters, Craig creates sensational pop art and graffiti infused work.


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Space Invader – New Mosaics in Paris

The infamous Space Invader is back in his hometown of Paris, France after a brief stint in NYC. Being back in that he’s back home, Invader dropped two new pieces, one paying homage to Napoleon and another a landscape inspired by Arabian Nights. A number of flicks after the click.

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Os Gemeos x JR x Andre Saraiva – Collaboration in NYC

The Parallel Connection project is well under way in New York City and in light of this, Brazilian twins Os Gemeos were in town and teamed up with French part-time locals, JR and Andre Saraiva, to create some brilliant street side character pieces. The collective incorporated all of their signature sides while blending them within one another to create a vibe of life size monsters living among those who walk around Soho.

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Roa – “METAZOA” @ Jonathon Levine Gallery

Belgian multidisciplinary artist ROA currently has a show on display at the infamous Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City entitled “Metazoa.” The show which showcases ROA’s signature series of animal portraits that we’ve seen time and time again in large scale on the street. Judging by the photos they appear to be just as impressive indoors.

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Maser – Mural Installations

One of the most productive street artists out there right now is Maser. This Ireland born powerhouse has been travelling all across the globe painting vibrant geometrical pieces of art on basically anything he can get his hands on. Here’s a selection of works from the master himself.

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